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  Taking Lecture Notes        Textbook Skills        Learning Styles Unit

  Memory Training        Test Taking

Plate Tectonics and Geology Photos

Test Anxiety Link

Test and Quiz Diary

Brain Work Sheds Light on Memory

Math Anxiety Links


Learning Styles Inventory

The VARK Learning Styles Questionnaire--New!

What is your Learning Style----New!

North Carolina State University Learning Styles Assessment--New!

Learn More Indiana--either take this only line or download and print out the assessment--New!

A Learning Style Survey for College--New!

Learning Styles Inventory--New!

Learning-Styles Unit

The Curve of Forgetting

Curve of Forgetting Handout

Reading Skills and Peach Book Charts

Reading Advice Handout --how to read effectively

20-Minutes-a-Day Reading Log Form

Progress Graph and Conversion Chart--Peach Book Timed Readings 

Steps to Completing a Peach Book Reading

Vocabulary Skills

Latin and Greek Word Clues List

Latin and Greek Word Clues--Expanded List

Phobias and Manias     


First Week of School Checklist

Goals Statement Form

Program Planning Sheet Assignment

Comprehensive Final Preparation

Napoleon Essay Answer Sequence