English 94 Study Skills


What to Study for the Comprehensive Study Skills Experience



Reading Speed and Comprehension, Course Packet, p. 7-10


The Curve of Forgetting information in the Course Packet, pp. 15-18


The Two Great Study Skills Questions, Course Packet, p. 18


The Big Six, Course Packet, p. 18


Taking Classroom Notes-- Course Packet advice on p. 19-33


Textbook Skills Advice-- Course Packet advice on pp. 34-40


·        How to Survey Your Textbook -- Course Packet, pp. 35-38

·        The PRM(F)Q Study Method-- Course Packet, p. 39

·        How to Mark Your Textbook -- Course Packet, p. 40

·        Flowchart of How to Study a Textbook Assignment– Course Packet, p. 48


Memory Training Advice-- Course Packet advice on pp. 54-68

       “Box and Label” and creating Catchwords and Catchphrases, pp. 64-68


Test-taking Advice— Course Packet advice on pp. 69-83