Steps to Completing a Peach Book Reading



1.    When I say go, begin reading the page.


2.    When you get to the last word of the reading (the bottom of the page), look up at the board and write down the time I am pointing to.


3.    Flip the page and take the quiz on the back, either on a piece of scratch paper or in your Peach Book.


4.    Turn to the quiz answers on p. 116 of the Peach Book and grade your quiz.  Be sure to use the correct row of answers.


5.    Put the number of correct answers at the top of the page and put a zero next to it.  This is your comprehension percentage.


6.    In our course packet, turn to the Peach Book Conversion Chart and convert the time you wrote down from the board into words per minute (this new number is your reading speed for that reading).


7.    In our course packet, turn to the Peach Book Progress Chart and record both your reading speed and your quiz percentage by dotting the appropriate vertical line.