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Cultural Blindspot 1

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Napoleon Essay Process

Clinton--Tu Quoque Example

Poems--Day #2

Works Cited Practice

Apostrophes PreTest

Apostrophes Answers

Sentence Structure

Living History Interview

English 102 Poetry Appreciation Day

Topic Brainstorming Form

Free-Writing Your Research Topic

Peer Editing Form 

Four Web Essays Annotation Assignment

Four Web Essays Writing Assignment     

Jim's How-to--How to complete the Annotation and Sources assignment 

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        Dear John 

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   SCC Library Orientation Videos from SCC Librarian Janine Odlevak

    Marking or Annotating Text

   Practice Articles for Marking and Annotating Text 

   Circles of Knowledge

  The Research Paper Process--From Start to Finish

Four Article Marking Assignment

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    Just Poetry

    Poetry for Word Choice


  Help Me!

  Grammar and Usage Diagnostic

  Grammar and Usage Diagnostic Answers


Memorial Day Thoughts