Adam Sharp speaking (spring 2012)

Adam C. Sharp

Office: I-209A
Phone: (509) 533-7387

Brief Biography

Adam Sharp is the Spokane Community College Theatre and Film Arts Instructor. Adam was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California where he was involved in the arts since a young age. He participated in various theatrical, film and media projects and productions as an actor, writer, designer, director, producer and composer. The projects include production readings, touring children's theatre troupes, experimental theatre projects, traditional theatre productions, film projects, production films, network assignments and independent films.

As an educator, Adam has taught theatre, film and various communication studies courses at educational institutions in four different states including California and, currently, here at Spokane Community College in Washington. Also, as an educator, he has developed and taught creative writing, acting, screen and stage writing workshops for both children and adults. He also guest speaks at various events and has served as the Master of Ceremony for various different events. Other than theatre and film, he has presented a world percussion demonstration for various elementary schools throughout the country.

Some of the projects Adam has worked on include: All My Sons, Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Save the Earth, Quest for the Red Shoes, Voices from the Past, The Murder Room, O is for Orange and many others.