"Math Preparation for 99 Xtra"

A New SCC Resource for Success in Math 99

 What is MATH P99X?  This is a new program for Intermediate Algebra (Math 99) students to review/relearn topics from previous courses that are absolutely necessary in 99 such as Applications, Graphing, Factoring, Exponent Properties, etc.  The program will also help students with Quiz, Test, and Final Exam Prep.  P99X will provide online resources (review activities, mock quizzes, links to videos) to further assist students.  These resources will be updated throughout the quarter.  Please click on the 'Schedule' link below to find out when and where you can attend our next P99X Session.  Please email Scott Satake at to add your email address to a ListServe that will keep you informed of what is happening throughout the quarter with this exciting new program.


Review Materials

Practice Quizzes



What P99X is NOT:

-a replacement for your course’s instructor.

-an excuse to skip class or avoid completing your homework.

-a place for students to come for instructors to do your homework or projects for them.

-a means by which students who have not done their homework/attended class can throw a "Hail Mary" and hope to pass a quiz or a test.


For additional information please contact:

Scott Satake
Mathematics Instructor                      
Building #27,               Office # 120
(509) 533-7377