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Why I Love Teaching Spanish

I have a passion for teaching Spanish because knowing Spanish has given me many opportunities to interact with many Spanish-speaking friends. I have traveled extensively in Mexico and Central America and to Colombia and Chile in South America. My travels have given me a deep appreciation for different cultures which has taught me so much about myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that by learning about other cultures, I learned more about myself and my Euro-American culture here in the United States.

I began my learning and travels in 1966 when I joined the Peace Corps and spent two wonderful years in El Salvador, Central America. I continue to have ties to El Salvador and visit often. In 2001 I spent the year doing field research for my dissertation on women's leadership among the poor.

As a professor, I want my students to not just pass my class but to learn to speak and understand Spanish so you too can enjoy travel to Spanish-speaking countries and make many friends from the Americas.

Feel free to read my syllabus for Spanish 121, the first quarter of Spanish at Spokane Community College.

Spokane Community College offers two years of Spanish. If you have a background in Spanish - having studied it in high school, having lived in a Spanish-speaking country, or coming from a family where Spanish is often spoken - contact us or a counselor for placement information. Placement in the correct level class can save much time and money.

Many universities require a full year of Spanish to graduate. SCC offers Spanish classes that meet the content level and expectations of a comparable university course. Our classes are transferable to four-year Washington public colleges and universities.

The textbook the department will use beginning fall 2009 is VISTAS - Introducción a la lengua española, Fourth Edition by Blanco and Donley, published by VISTA Higher Learning.

Vista Higher Learning has worked with us to help students buy affordable books. You may go to www.vhldirect.com/store/SCC to buy the book and materials directly from the publisher. There are three options: 1) If you plan to take only one or two quarters of Spanish, you may buy just Volume 1 with a six-month supersite passcode. 2) If you will be taking the full year of Spanish, you may buy Volume 1 for 121 and 122 and then buy Volume 2 for 123. 3) Buy the complete text book with a three-year supersite passcode.

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