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Lisa Wolfe
SCC Business and Management Instructor

Lisa Wolfe earned her B.A. in Economics with a minor in Computer Science and her M.Ed. with emphasis in business curriculum from Eastern Washington University. She teaches business statistics, Economics 100, and business math at SCC. Ms. Wolfe has taught computer applications and management classes in the Business Technology department. In addition to experience as a department chair, she was a regional administrative manager for a national insurance company and an accounting firm. Ms. Wolfe is a recent recipient of the STCU/CCS Foundation Exceptional Faculty Award, and while working in industry received a leadership award from her company. Ms. Wolfe has been involved with several educational initiatives at SCC, including the start-up of the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Technology I-BEST programs.

Contact Information

Office: Building 1, Room 213G
Office Hours: See course outline.
Telephone: (509) 533-7343
Email: LWolfe@scc.spokane.edu

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