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Larry Sullivan
SCC Business & Marketing Instructor

Larry Sullivan (photo)

Larry Sullivan earned his B.A. from Eastern Washington University and his M.I.M. (Master of International Management) from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. He was awarded a full scholarship to study Japanese economic and political systems at the Institute for International Studies and Training (Boeki Kenshu Center), Fujinomiya, Japan, as part of his master's program. Larry then had the opportunity to live and work in Japan for over 10 years. Mr. Sullivan now teaches marketing, human relations, advertising, and international marketing. He is a co-advisor to DEC (Delta Epsilon Chi). He has advised and assisted many students who have competed at the state and international levels and who have earned awards at each of the competitions. DECA is a national organization composed of high school students, college students, and their advisors. DEC is the collegiate division known as an association of marketing and management students but welcomes students from many other areas - accounting, business technology, and hospitality programs to name a few. Mr. Sullivan maintains his connections to the business world through his ownership of Keystroke Marketing, Inc., a marketing and sales company providing expert development of international and domestic marketing campaigns. Keystroke brokers and consults to companies exporting to the Pacific Rim, specializing in sales management, product development, PR, and copy writing.

Contact Information

Telephone: (509) 533-7347
Email: LSullivan@scc.spokane.edu
Office: Building 1, Room 213I
Office Hours: By appointment

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