Kamilia Nemri

Mathematics Department
Spokane Community College


Please meet my children:


yaraname.gif (2530 bytes)

Yara (photo)
   Yara in Petra (photo)

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Summer (photo)
  Summer in Petra (photo)

Summer (photo)

Summer (photo)

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Rabab (photo 1)
Rabab in Petra (photo) Rabab (photo 2)

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Rahmi (photo)
Rahmi in Petra (photo)   
Naeem Naeem in Petra (photo)

My husband:


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Samir (photo)
Samir in Petra (photo)   

Other photos:

The family Family (photo)
Kamilia and Rahmi (photo) Children (photo)
Family with new son, Naeem (photo) Summer, Yara, Naeem, and Seri (photo)
Naeem and Yara Naeem and Yara (photo)
Yara, Samir and Summer Yara, Samir, and Summer (photo)
Rahmi and Sidney Rahmi and Sidney (photo)
Sadly, Zazu flew away in July of 2000 and never came back.
Zawzoo (photo)

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