Dear SCC Student,

The Division of Arts and Sciences is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all members of the College community.   In accordance with the WAC (Washington Administrative Code) Chapter 132Q-30 (, we want everyone involved in courses to know the following information:


  • It is the goal of Instructors, Department Chairs, and the Dean to help students achieve success in the classroom. 
  • Instructors have responsibility for creating and maintaining an orderly classroom with an atmosphere conducive to learning for all the students in the classroom.
  • Students have responsibility for demonstrating respectful behavior appropriate to the classroom, to the other students, and to the Instructor both on and off campus.
  • Students and Instructors are expected to be responsible and respectful in all aspects of the course.  


In the event that an Instructor ascertains that a student has violated any of these statements or the WAC, the Instructor may do the following:


  1. Complete an incident report and submit the report to the Director of Student Development.  
  2. If behavior warrants an immediate consequence, the student(s) may be suspended from class for up to three days.   Additional stipulations may be required prior to return to class.


In the event that a student believes that these statements or the WAC have been violated, in most cases, the steps are to be taken in the following order:


1.      Speak with the Instructor about your concerns.  Make an appointment to speak with the Instructor in person.

2.      Speak with the Department Chair(s).  Make an appointment to speak with the Department Chair in person.

3.      Speak with the Dean of Arts and Sciences.  Make an appointment to speak with the Dean in person AFTER steps 1 and 2 are completed.


I hope this letter reminds each of us of our role and responsibility in creating a learning environment beneficial for everyone at SCC.   Have a successful quarter!




Gwendolyn James                           

Interim Dean, Arts and Sciences