J. Roth


HAMLET by William Shakespeare


Who’s Who in the play


Hamlet--Prince of Denmark, son of the late king and of Gertrude


Claudius--present king of Denmark, Hamlet’s uncle, became king because of Hamlet’s father’s death


Gertrude--Hamlet’s mother, queen of Denmark, recently married Claudius


Ghost of Hamlet’s father, the dead king


Horatio—Hamlet’s friend and fellow student



Polonius—counselor to the king, Ophelia’s father


Laertes—son of Polonius, brother of Ophelia—going to France to attend school


Ophelia—sister of Laertes, daughter of Polonius, Hamlet’s love interest


Reynaldo—servant of Polonius



Rosencrantz and Guildenstern—former school friends of Hamlet


Marcellus, Barnardo, Francisco—soldiers


Voltemand, Cornelius—Danish ambassadors to Norway


Fortinbras—prince of Norway



A traveling theatre troupe


A gravedigger and his companion


A priest


Assorted lords, ladies, soldiers, messengers, attendants