Introduction to Literature 131

Winter 2001

J. Roth


Study Problems for The Rocking-Horse Winner and Young Goodman Brown


The Rocking-Horse Winner, pp. 290-302


Distinguish between the terms “luck” and “lucre” as they apply to the story.




State as many essential ironies in the story as possible.




What is the story’s central symbol?  What does it symbolize?




State the story’s theme.



Young Goodman Brown, pp. 303-313




Young Goodman Brown > Faith > Pink Ribbons >the journey and the forest > the ceremony > the discovery >the aftermath.


Assume Goodman Brown represents any uninitiated, naïve person.  Can you explain the above system of symbols in terms of real life experiences?  Do any of us travel this path?  Make this discovery?  What reactions to this discovery are possible?




Is Goodman Brown a static or developing character?  What proof is there of your choice?





State the story’s theme.



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