Preparing for Specific Kinds of Tests


As you know, The Second Great Study Skills Question asks us to determine which type of test we will face.  Will we face and Objective Test (multiple choice, true-false, matching, fill-the-blank questions) or an Essay Test (questions requiring a short paragraph or more of writing).


Here’s why we need to know this answer well in advance of the test:


Objective Test Preparation:


  • When preparing for objective test questions, concentrate on “The Big Six” and get started early, well before the test.


  • Flashcards and continual, spaced practice will be your best friends.


Essay Test Preparation:


  • If essay test questions are in your future, a few days before the test actually create your own test questions.  That’s right, pretend you are your instructor and write out five or six “broad strokes” questions you predict you will likely face.


  • When predicting essay questions, keep in mind that since an hour-long essay test will likely contain only a few questions, the questions will most likely be general and wide-ranging.


  • Ideas for these likely general questions can be found by looking for major themes or topic covered, topics that took a day or two of lecture.  Also check out the review or study questions at the end of the chapter which hold general knowledge questions, too. 


  • Write out each of your questions on a separate sheet of paper. 


  • Below each question, make a list of key points that would go in an answer.  


  • Finally, use your memory training skills (box and label, catchwords, catchphrases) to memorize the lists.