J. Roth/Study Skills 94                     Memory Training Practice Groups


Group 1


“The Big Six”                                            KEYWORDS       FIRST LETTERS       Re-arrange order O.K.?



  1. Terms                                                             Terms                                      T                                                         YES


  1. Definitions                                                      Definitions                              D                    


  1. Examples                                                        Examples                                E


  1. Lists (Enumerations)                                       Lists                                        L   


  1. Reasons Why                                                 Reasons                                   R      Enter your catchword or catchphrase below.


  1. Items on the Board or on Handouts              Board                                      B         ____   ____   ____   ____   ____   ____













 Group 2


Four Steps to Taking                                KEYWORDS       FIRST LETTERS     Re-arrange order O.K.? Effective Class Notes                                                                                                                   


  1. Read in advance any assignment                   Read                                       R                                                         NO


  1. Take notes in class properly                           Take                                        T


  1. Enhance your notes as soon                           Enhance                                  E        

as you can after the lecture                                                                           Enter your catchphrase below.


  1. Choose one of two study options                  Choose                                    C           _______   _______   _______   _______ 















Group 3


Five steps to studying                      KEYWORDS      FIRST LETTERS       Can I re-arrange the order?

          a textbook selection.                                                    


  1. Preview—tinker-toy the general structure     Preview                                   P                                              NO


  1. Read the section in question-answer format  Read                                       R


  1. Mark the section properly                              Mark                                       M


  1. Flashcard what you marked if the test          Flashcard                                F

                  will be over the textbook assignment                                                                Enter your catchphrase below.


  1. Quiz yourself repeatedly.                               Quiz                                        Q        _____   _____   _____   _____   _____












Group 4



Five Steps to Using                          KEYWORDS      FIRST LETTERS        Can I re-arrange the order?

            Memory Effectively       


  1. Organize what you want to remember           Organize                                  O                                             YES


  1. Use a “Memory Switch” to                            Switch                                     S

focus your memory


  1. Use proven memory techniques                     Techniques                              T


4.      Practice, but practice smart                             Practice                                  P               Enter your catchphrase below.


  1. Review before you go to sleep.                      Sleep                                       S        _____   _____   _____   _____   _____