John R. (Jack) Hebner, Instructor
SCC Communication Studies

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Building 1, Room 229A
(Shared with Val Clark)

I am originally from Metaline Falls, Washington. After completing my Masters of Arts in Speech and Communication for Washington State University I traveled to Arizona and Illinois where I worked in radio. Upon my return to Spokane I entered law school. I served on the Spokane City Counsel for 13 years and served as the City of Spokane Legislative Liaison for the state and federal governments, testified before the U.S. Congress and the State House and Senate on appropriate legislation, and assisted in the drafting of a national fiscal assistance program for cities and national base closing legislation. Drafted countless pieces of legislation and worked as the City's lobbyist to ensure passage of that legislation.

My Formal Education:
Juris Doctorate of Law from Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane, Washington
Master of Arts in Speech/Communication from WSU, Pullman, Washington
Bachelor of Arts in Communication from WSU, Pullman, Washington
My Memberships:
Active Member of Washington State Bar Association, #22215
Washington Mediation Association (past board member)
Idaho Mediation Association

I have been teaching at SCC since 1985 and have taught the following classes:

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