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Greg Richards,
SCC Business and Management Instructor

Greg Richards (photo)

Greg Richards holds an M.I.M. (Masters of International Management) and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Whitworth University. He has worked in the restaurant and hotel industry for over twenty years and has an extensive background in customer service. He has been an advisor for Delta Epsilon Chi (DEC) for a number of years. Mr. Richards received the STCU/CCS Foundation Exceptional Faculty Award in 2005. He is also the project manager for the Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) program at the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship at SCC. The program offers a new and innovative approach to help people combine their technical talents with entrepreneurial skills.

Contact Information

Telephone: (509) 533-8099
Fax: (509) 533-8163
TTY: (509) 533-7482
Email: GRichards@scc.spokane.edu
Office: Building 1, Room 213N
Office hours: See course outline.

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