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Jerry Jones
SCC Cooperative Education Work Experience Instructor

Jerry Jones (photo)

Jerry Jones holds an M.A. in Business/Community College Teaching and a B.A. in Marketing from Eastern Washington University. He was a full-time instructor at SCC from 1971 to 1998 and was a faculty advisor to the management club (DEC), during most of those years. He is the cooperative work experience coordinator for the business and accounting programs in the Business and Management Department and is the cooperative work experience coordinator for the programs in SCC's Technical Education division. Prior to coming to SCC, Mr. Jones held many positions including supermarket manager at Fred Meyer during his 16 years there. He also accumulated many years of experience as a business owner, real estate agent, corporate president, wholesale grocery staff, small business consultant, and market researcher.

Contact Information

Office: Building 1, Room 213R
Office Hours: Variable, posted on office door
Telephone: (509) 533-7394
Email: GJones@scc.spokane.edu

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