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Ni hao! Huan Ying Ni Xuan Xiu Zhong Wen Ke!
Hello! Welcome To Chinese Class!

First of all I thank you very much for taking Chinese Language class. You have made the great choice. You step on the new era of economic and cultural globalization, and follow the tide of learning Chinese language in international academic discourse.

Or maybe you have a dream to travel to China to see Kong Miao--The Confucius Temple, the Great Wall, Peking Palace,Bing_Ma_Yong and so on; Maybe you want to win a ideal career, such as entering upon a diplomatic career; Maybe you've just found it's cool to pronounce the Chinese words on the slip of paper in a fortune cookie. No matter what's the reason, you do grasp this fabulous opportunity. You will have the most transformational, wonderful, joyful learning experience. So if you want to start conversing in another language, then Please consider Chinese.

This course is for beginners. It will teach the standard Chinese language-Mandarin, approaching to basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. During the course you will learn how to speak, write, and read in this language, using the simplified characters used in Mainland China.The most widely used Chinese phonetic system-Pinyin will be taught as a tool to learn the spoken language. Students will also learn Chinese characters in order to be able to communicate effectively in real Chinese situations. Approximately 200 words and expressions in both Pinyin and characters will be taught. It will also teach the 4 tones which you maybe think it is difficult for you but it's fun. The course will be vivid with information on Chinese culture, including history, literature and religion, intended to promote an understanding of China and its civilization. Additional background information will emerge from topics in the texts we read, highlighting China's politics, economy, and the lives of people in both rural and urban areas. Pictures, handicrafts, films and music will supplement the in-class experience.

Whether in academics, extracurricular activities, it is the course goals and mission to make you lay a strong foundation for now and future; to prepare you for a visit to China in the future; Or simply to increase your enjoyment of a weekend Chinese food dinner. Eating Dumplings made by yourself with the chopsticks!!!
Kong Fuzi
Great Wall
Qing Shihuan Bing Ma Yong
Forbiden City
Dragon Dance
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