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Darren Powell, RCIS, FSICP


I strive to expand my role into new arenas of cardiovascular medicine.


       Tenured Faculty Member of Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
       8/93-current       Spokane Community College       Spokane, WA

       Cath. Lab and Interventional Radiology Call Team Member
       9/96-current       Holy Family Hospital       Spokane, WA

       Supervisor, Department of Cardiology
       6/85-8/93       Highline Community Hospital       Seattle, WA

       Cardiovascular Technologist
       5/83-6/85       Providence Medical Center       Seattle, WA

       Manager, EKG and Holter Monitor Services
       120/82-5/83       Overlake Medical Center       Bellevue, WA


       Ongoing Clinical Studies in the Broad Spectrum of Cardiovascular Disease

       Spokane Community College
       Associate of Applied Science - Invasive Cardiovascular Technology 8/82
       Associate of Applied Science - Echocardiography 8/82
       Graduate - Mead High School - Spokane, WA 6/79

Summary of Qualifications

Publications and Public Speaking

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