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Diana Osborne
SCC Economics, Statistics, and Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship Instructor

Diana Osborne (photo)Diana Osborne holds an M.B.A. from Purdue University with concentrations in finance and strategy. She has worked as a management consultant and financial analyst and is involved in several investor education initiatives at SCC and the larger Spokane community. She has extensive experience as an international project manager at European Union Projects and EcoLinks, USA. Her research focuses on organizational behavior, communication and culture, virtual teamwork, as well as sustainable development and strategic planning at the organizational level. Ms. Osborne is one of five instructors who co-instruct in the Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) at the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at SCC. The program offers a new and innovative approach to help people combine their technical talents with entrepreneurial skills. She also teaches at the School of Professional Studies at Gonzaga University.

Contact Information

Office: Building 1, Room 213A
Office Hours: See course outline
Telephone: (509) 533-7375
Email: DOsborne@scc.spokane.edu

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