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Dee Arkell,
SCC Instructor

Dee Arkell(spacer)Hello, my name is Diana (Dee) Arkell. I am the Director of Clinical Education for the Respiratory Care program at Spokane Community College. Our program also has a Program Director, Gary White and a Medical Director, Dr. James Bonvallet who complete the team along with other SCC faculty, community clinical sites and our advisory committee. I have included a few of my favorite pictures and my curriculum vitae for your review.

Arkell Family, July 4, 2010

I was born and raised right here in Spokane. After graduating from SCC's Inhalation Therapy program in 1974, as it was known then. I started to feel the urge to pursue more education and began working toward my DREAM job. My teaching career started in the fall of 1977 as a clinical instructor at a local hospital.

Patrick and Kasey(spacer)In 1978, I met my husband, Garth. He had completed his AAS degree in Cardiopulmonary Technology the year before at SCC and had decided to complete the Respiratory Therapy portion of his education. In May 2004, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our two sons - Patrick, who married Sunshine Gilbert in April 2004, and Kasey, a 2004 graduate of the West Valley school system - keep us busy.

Wedding party

Back yard(spacer)In my spare time I like to play in the yard and garden. Decorating my home and collecting antiques is another favorite past-time. I call myself a quilter, even though I haven't finished a new project recently, but I keep collecting "stuff" just in case.

I love to visit and travel with my parents, mother-in-law, sisters and brother (they all let me share their grandchildren). In 1999 my father celebrated his 80th birthday, and my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2001. Some of my favorite travel spots include the Oregon and Californian Coast, the island of Kauai Hawaii, and Kyoto Japan. In 1996-97, my family and I relocated to southern California so I could complete my BS degree in the sunshine. Our temporary home was an hour or less to the beaches, Palm Spring and Disney Land. It was a humbling experience to be on the other side of the podium for 10 months. I truly enjoyed the entire experience and friendships.

Geishas(spacer)In March of 2000, I traveled to Japan as a representative of SCC, along with another instructor and my husband. We each presented our professions at Osaka College of High Technology and toured the city medical centers. What an awesome experience! Our hosts were able to accommodate all of our tourist requests including a trip to Kyoto to see the shrines and temples and a quilt shop. Each spring students from Osaka's Clinical Engineer, Biomedical Technology and Medical Secretary programs visit our allied health and nursing programs. Last year our Cardiovascular and Respiratory Care students (who make up the SCC CPR Club) taught CPR to the Japanese students. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students.

I look forward to meeting you in person or though e-mail, snail mail and even over the phone. I'd like to hear about you and your dreams. I would like to recommend a fun Web site that you can listen to breath sounds, as well as check out our national and state society sites and new distance learning options.

Arkell Family Christmas 2002
Arkell Family Christmas 2002

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